Friday, September 05, 2008


My friend, who is a missionary in Cameroon, is here in the states for a short leave from her work and we just spent a couple of hours catching up while enjoying some coffee and fresh baked cinnamon scones. The time was rich in so many ways. Mostly we laughed as we shared about our lives and where God has taken each of us.
At one point she got a serious look on her face and asked me how I was doing, and she didn't mean how are my circumstances, because she knows they haven't changed. I really had to think, because how I feel is one subject I don't spend much time thinking about. I told her that I'm struggling to trust the Lord, that I my cup feels like it's more half empty than half full.
She got all excited and said she had to tell me a story about a friend of hers. So she proceeded to tell me about this friend who had been praying for a financial need and that God didn't provide for that need until just moments before the deadline. Frustrated, her friend asked the Lord why He, on many occasions, waited until the last moment to answer our prayers. He was surprised that the Lord actually answered that question, because all the other times he asked that question of the Lord, there was no answer, or at least none that he could hear.
This time God did answer, and His answer blessed me so much that I had to share it. He said that God waited until the last minute to answer his prayer because He wanted to prolong the pleasure of his child trusting Him. Wow! My trusting Him, gives Him pleasure. And what even more amazing is that He gives us the ability to trust Him. Wow!


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