Saturday, December 16, 2006

Missions possible

Our kids just recently informed us that they may be returning to the mission field. This is all only if the Lord wills of course, but I have little doubt that it is His will that they serve Him in this capacity. They have both spent time overseas and I had a feeling that once they did that, the desire to go again would soon return.

As their mom, and I think I can also speak for my husband regarding this, we do have mixed emotions about this whole thing, but overall we're OK with it which, in my mind is just one more indicator to affirm their going. I think that's just amazingly gracious of the Lord to give us such peace about both of our kids leaving home like this.

Our kids are great and that's something most parents hope to say about their children, but it's really true with ours. I know they aren't perfect by any sense of the imagination and I'm sure they would be the first to admit that. They are both fiercely independent, well grounded, strong in their beliefs and for sure aren't afraid to express their opinions, although not in an obnoxious way because they are also both rather introverted and don't like to attract to much attention to themselves. They are so different from each other, but then again as they have aged, they have become so very much alike. I know, it sounds like I'm talking about twins, but they are really twenty-two months apart in age.

As I think about them I wonder where this spirit of adventure came from. I am however, married to an entrepreneur and one must have as sense of adventure to do the things he has done over the years, so some of his fearlessness must have rubbed off on them, because it certainly didn't come from me! I'm such a home body, and I mean that in the extreme. I'm also an introvert and am self protective too. So how did our children become what they are? How did they, having been raised in our comfortable American culture, come to the place where they are willing to give it all up and move to countries where even some of the well-to-do don't have as much as they had growing up and even have now? I guess the answer to that question is that they have chosen to answer God's call, the call to go and live amongst the poor in order to serve them in the name of Christ. And those who are Believers know there's no use trying to ignore or run from God's call. So, they will each go to different countries and stay for a three year term, if that is indeed the Lord's will. To say that we are proud of them and admire them would be an understatement.

I hate to think about how much we will miss them if they do indeed end up going, because our family is very close. I think I'll put that thought off for as long as possible. And to be sure, if they go, I just hope the Lord allows us to take a trip to visit them while they are there.